Tips For Sellers

There are three important things that must be done to get your home sold in a timely manner.

1.  Price it right.  Price is the main factor in whether and how fast your home sells.  Overpricing your home with the idea of "dropping the price if we have to" will only delay the sale of your home.  Underpricing your home to make it sell fast may work, but you might needlessly leave money on the table.

Determining, then settling on a fair market price for your home is the best way to make sure that your home is attractive to potential buyers and that you get the best price possible.  

2.  Make sure it shows well.  Getting your home ready to show and keeping it that way is the next most important thing you can do to help sell your home.  Buyers want to envision what their future home will look like. Our "Seller Tips" on the right side menu will help you get ready to sell.

3.  Market it properly.  Properly presenting your home on the MLS with a good description and great photographs is by far the best way to connect with online buyers.   Today's buyers are tech savvy and most will begin their search online, often even before working with a Realtor.   Homes on the MLS will show up on all major real estate sales sites like Zillow, Trulia,, and most other "homes for sale" sites.  Looking on these sites is likely where most buyers will find your home.

Our Marketing Plan to get your home SOLD

  • Price it right using a current market analysis and any price upgrades from your input. 
  • List it on the MLS and create a story about your home to attract qualified buyers. 
  • Get professional photographs taken for the MLS listing.
  • Create a custom website for your home.
  • Create a custom video presentation for the MLS listing. 
  • Have a custom made sign printed with details about your home.
  • Provide a flyer box and flyers with the sign. 
  • Have 4x6 postcards printed to give out to friends and neighbors to let them know your home is for sale.
  • Hold Open Houses if you decide you want to.


A sign in your front yard that should say more than who your Realtor is.  It should show relevant facts about your home to drive by buyers and your neighbors.  Because neighbors are often the source of buyers we want to make sure they all know that you are selling. 

I'll have a large custom sign made for you that promotes the features and benefits of your home rather than a simple "FOR SALE" sign.  I believe the price of your home and information about your home belong on the sign so that potential buyers know what you're offering. The last thing you want is a parade of buyers going through your home who can't afford it

Here's a sample of the sign we will put out in front of your home.


Even Cadillac and Mercedes dealers put the price and details about a car in the window.  Consider the sign your home's "Window Sticker." 

You're selling a Home, Not a House

One of the great ironies of selling your house is that you must get it in such great condition that you may ask yourself why you would even want to move out. Your focus right now may be on your own dream home, but consider your current house as someone else’s dream home, and start preparing it for them. Putting a little work into it now makes the entire process of selling your house much more profitable for you in the long run.

Who can help make this easier?

An experienced real estate agent is key to selling your home.  One who lives and works in the neighborhood is best equipped to price your home right and market it the best.  

Your satisfaction

Your satisfaction with the sale of your home will depend largely on three things.

  1. The price you get.
  2. How long it takes to sell.
  3. The service you get from your Realtor.

I make it my mission to satisfy all these things when you work with me. 


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